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If you are planning to hike the Alaskan
Stampede Trail, or have already done so and want to share your experiences, this is the place!

Here you can find out about the challenges of the trail such as bears, rivers, mosquitoes, and blisters. You can also find out what you'll need to bring, and read about the experiences of others who have gone into the Alaskan backcountry before you.

Hikers at Bus 142 on the Stampede Trail

What to Know Before You Go

Site Administrater, Erik Halfacre, talks about the Stampede Trail. In this article you'll find out everything you need to know, from items to bring, to challenges to expect. The Teklanika River crossing is discussed in detail, as well as other things you might not expect like the constantly wet trail conditions. Read this, and your chances of getting to Bus 142 will greatly improve. More importantly, your chances of getting back do also!

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Carine McCandless enjoying a hike

Carine McCandless' Letter About the Bus

"Over the past 20 years I have been asked countless times what my opinion is on whether or not the bus should be removed. My answer is always the same, "It's not about the bus."

I believe what draws individuals to that place is not so much about connecting with something they found in Chris, but rather to reconnect with something they have lost in themselves..."

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Jedidiah White's Sevylor Raft ready for another stream crossing on the Stampede Trail

Crossing the Teklanika River

When people contact me about hiking the Stampede Trail, the most common questions I'm asked are about the crossing at the Teklanika River.

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Jedidiah White's Sevylor Raft ready for another stream crossing on the Stampede Trail

22 Days In The Wild

Read the story of Jedidiah White's 22 day Trek through the Alaska wilderness to Bus 142 from the State Park Road, and then back out the Stampede Trail.

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Hikers from the Czech Republic at Bus 142 on the Stampede Trail

Those Who Have Been

See the list of people who have made the trek to Bus 142 on the Stampede Trail. If you have been, email the administrator and get yourself on the list.

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Stampede Trail Map

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